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Hand selected gems. Uniquely designed pieces. Made by me.


Thank you for visiting my store and gallery. I am a Designer and Jeweller working in Brisbane, Australia. I have been manufacturing jewellery since 1992.

I enjoy making pieces that are individual, designed specifically to a customer’s taste. I like to work with the customer to create a piece that will have meaning to them for many years to come. My pieces are of a high quality designed to last. I like to think of myself as a one man cottage industry. Designed, made, gems set and finished by me. 

In my travels I like to observe their jewellery making techniques and design styles from other cultures and countries and incorporate elements of these into my work.  I particularly like the fresh ideas I found in Portugal and Eastern Canada.


The Process

I offer a personal service working directly with the jeweller.  We make it very easy, just contact me for a design and quote on new or remodelling jewellery. No obligations, no pushy sales people, I have been in the industy for 20 years and can offer lots of advice about gems and jewellery.

I like getting to know my clients as we work through the design and jewellery making stages. Typically we will initially meet or talk over the phone or email about designs and what the client wants from the piece, they may have jewellery of their own to be used in the piece, or they may be choosing new stones and metal.

Then I can sketch an idea or prepare a CAD software design for their approval which incorporates the elements that the client is looking for. I work with the client until they are happy with the design sketch before I start the process of crafting the piece.

Its easy, personal and affordable, and makes the piece truly unique, made just for you, contact me today....

Shop with us!

We want you to have a great shopping experience with us. Email with any questions about the jewellery we love to chat about them. We package up each piece securely and carefully so your gift arrives safely.

Unique Australian Jewellery Designed and Made here by us!

We live it! We Love it! We source our own gems, use our own designs andare mad for restoring loved jewellery back to its former glory.


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