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Too pretty to be locked in a draw forever! Look at them now!

The marvelous thing about gems, precious metal and even old jewellery items is that they can be restored and given a new lease on life.  Stones can be re-polished to shining glory, metal can be made in to new jewellery and worn out jewels can be restored like a custom car to a shiny fresh new look. 

Here we worked with a lovely client to take some Australian Sapphires fossicked by her family a long time ago but never used.  We polished and cut some of the stones and then worked them  into a unique custom ring for her and her family to enjoy. 

Restored to its former glory!

At Custom Jewellery Co we love to restore loved family rings back to their best condition so they will continue to be enjoyed by the family for years to come. This beautiful Sapphire and Diamond antique ring, a favourite of the nanna of one our clients had become worn and bent out of shape. This ring received a new shank and setting to secure the stone.  Chris then restored the beautiful leaf pattern decorating the stone. Now restored and securely set this ring is ready to be worn for many more years. Do you have a ring that could do with some love?  Contact us for a chat. 

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We want you to have a great shopping experience with us. Email with any questions about the jewellery we love to chat about them. We package up each piece securely and carefully so your gift arrives safely.

Unique Australian Jewellery Designed and Made here by us!

We live it! We Love it! We source our own gems, use our own designs andare mad for restoring loved jewellery back to its former glory.


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