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30th Birthday jewellery gifts!

Let’s be honest, shopping for someone’s 30th can be extremely difficult – shopping for ANY birthday can be difficult. They’ve most likely already got all the material things they need, they’ve experienced most adrenaline-based activities and there’s only so much soap someone can own. We’ve cracked the birthday code and have chosen our top 5 Birthday jewellery gifts for friends, family, partners and everyone else in between!

1.       Desert Sun River Bank Earrings

Gorgeous and rare Indonesian Fossilized Wood featured in this handmade silver earrings. When we saw these beautiful gems we knew their striking colour contrasts would make stunning earrings. Wear to the beach or the office, these will be your go to staple earrings.

2.       Desert Sun - Light Turquoise Ring

We’re big fans of the Desert Sun series (in case you didn’t tell) and we know your present receiver will be too! For only $280, this is the perfect present for the perfect friend. Light and bright, this natural turquoise and satin finish silver ring is the ring to transport your friend or family member into those summery vibes. Pretty and unique with a very smooth satiny finish to the silver ring.

3.       Moon Dust Blue

This gorgeous ring is only $199 and is apart of our Moon Dust Range so can be bought to start your friends collection. A thoughtful and one of a kind gift! Set in Silver to contrast the bright blue, this is a deep sparkly Queensland Boulder Opal and will keep you gazing for hours. Again the earthy tons of the boulder opal combine with the bright blues of the opal fire to give this opal an earthy appeal. 

4.       Desert Sun Morning Sparkle

Another one from our Desert Sun series! For $470, your family and friends will have a beautiful sparkling opal to accompany their attire.  Pinks, Blues, Purples and Greens combine to form a radiant, luminescent opal colour. With the addition of the chain to each side of the silver setting to balance the pendant means it will sit perfectly every time.

5.       Fringe Ring - Palm Fan

Another favourite of ours (does that make us bias?) is this stunning Queensland Boulder opal as part of our Fringe range. In this ring the warm 9ct Rose Gold delicately fans out around this spectacular multicolored, glittering Queensland Boulder Opal. The light, hand detailed fan, captures the light for a double wow when set against the bright opal. Stunning it creates a world of its own.

Opal jewellery to suit your tropical holiday

We’ll be the first to admit that on a beach holiday, it’s more about wearing what’s comfortable than it is about dressing to impress. On the contrary, sometimes a piece of jewellery is enough to turn an outfit from casual to chic and thankfully, can still adhere to your laidback holiday attitude.

From hotel stays on Hastings Street in Noosa to beach camping at Byron, we’ve got your top 3 picks for your tropical holiday:

1.       Seascape Long Opal and Silver Ring

It’s like the sea has been transported into this stunning ring. With deep sea tones, this rectangle aqua blue green opal ring sets itself apart from the rest. Set in a solid silver satin finish ring with a unique hammer finish band.

2.       Rainbow Sail Ring

Is there anything sweeter than sitting on the beach with a rainbow arching over the water? Gazing at the beautiful shape of this Boulder Opal ring will transport you away to lazy days by sun-kissed beaches watching rainbow sails float by.

3.       Desert Sun | Blackened Silver Turquoise Pendant

Despite this stunning pendant being called the Desert Sun, it’s the perfect compliment to your relaxed beach attire. We chose this turquoise for its brilliant blue tones with the right mix of earthy tones coming through. We enhanced the great organic shape of the turquoise with a natural textured silver halo

Why Not Have A Pair Of Earrings Or A Ring Commissioned Just For You?

We have a range of hand selected gems, many of which are sourced straight from the miner and gem cutter. You can select from a wide range of handpicked gems including but not limited to; Opal, Australian Sapphire, Spinels, Topaz and Morganite. Working one-on-one with your jeweller to create a unique design perfect for you. As we get to work crafting your special piece in our Coastal Queensland Studio, we take photos along the way. Within five weeks you will have a unique collectors piece made just for you.


This is an example of a gorgeous piece we made. After having fallen in love with the bright blue-green opal, the process began. The decision to surround the opal with brilliant Pink Sapphire really added an extra flair to this beautiful piece. The gems were set in gold with a silver band.

If you would like to talk to us about your next project send us a message here.

Opal and Diamond Mystical Ring

This is a stunning mystical, magical, original design. Featuring a solid crystal pipe opal and four diamonds set in 18ct Yellow Gold with an antique finish to enhance the mysticism of this amazing opal.

An original design, handcrafted in our Brisbane studio using locally, ethically sourced materials. This fantastic opal was mined in Winton, Queensland.

It looks amazing on and is very comfortable to wear.

Add a touch of magic to your day today!

QLD Boulder Opal Diamond Mystical 18ct Yellow Gold  (11).jpg
QLD Boulder Opal Diamond Mystical 18ct Yellow Gold (1).jpg

Bolder Opal Matrix Drop Earrings

Have you ever wondered what the process behind our products is? Guess no more, bellow is a collage of images documenting the making process of our Boulder Opal Matrix Drop Earrings.

Matrix opals are a unique boulder opal that has the opal distributed throughout the rock, giving each opal a unique pattern.

After hand picking a unique opal, our jewellers set to work crafting a design that really lets the opal shine. These earrings are set in an oxidised silver frame, which contrasts with the vibrant blues and greens, allowing the light to shine through and make the colours pop.

The opal of this pair of earrings have been sourced form a local Queensland mine. We ensure that all of the materials used in our products are ethically sourced.

Untitled design (7).png

Raw Sapphire and Rose Gold Ring

This gorgeous ring really makes a statement. The gorgeous textured band is made from rose gold, featuring a natural Australian Sapphire.

As with all of our products, we ensured that materials in this ring were ethically sourced. The sapphire is from Rubyvale, Queensland.

Journey - Raw Sapphire and Rose Gold

Journey - Raw Sapphire and Rose Gold

Looking for more like this? Our Harvest Sapphire collection are petite rings that blend perfectly with this ring

Harvest Australian Sapphire Ring Collection

Harvest Australian Sapphire Ring Collection

Kingman Turquois

This beautiful Kingman Turquoise is sourced from Arizonian. The Turquoise is set in oxidized silver, which gives it the blackened appearance.

At Custom Jewellery Co, our products are hand crafted in our Brisbane studio. Our products are all hand picked from ethically sourced materials.

Kingman Turquoise Tri Fringe Pendant

Kingman Turquoise Tri Fringe Pendant

If you are after something different, we also have two pairs of Turquoise earrings. Both of these have been sourced ethically, and crafted in our Brisbane studio. The Turquoise and Boulder Opal piece is set in solid silver and 18ct yellow gold. The boulder opal from these earrings is sourced from a local mine in Queensland.

Our Turquoise and Silver stud earrings, while not sourced locally, have been made from ethical materials.

Drop Earrings Turquoise and Boulder Opal

Drop Earrings Turquoise and Boulder Opal

Turquoise and Silver Stud Earrings

Turquoise and Silver Stud Earrings

Oxidized Silver and Agate Geode Drop Earrings

These earrings are truly unique! Only one in one hundred agates produce this unique geode formation. If you are looking for something no-one else has, these earrings are for you.

These Agates were sourced from Agate Creek in Far North Queensland. As with all of our products, these earrings are made from ethically sourced materials.

These earrings were hand crafted in our Coastal Queensland studio. The unique Agates are set in oxidized silver, which is what gives these earrings a blackened look.

Agate Geode Silver Oxidised v2 (4).png

Cosmic Wave Ring

Wow what a gorgeous ring! This Queensland boulder opal and silver ring has amazing natural patterns that make this a truly unique piece. Bright flashes of aqua make this ring something from another planet!

All of our opals are individually selected to be transformed into something magical in our Coastal Queensland studio.

Here at Custom Jewellery Co, our products are all crafted from ethically sourced, local materials. Our opals are hand picked for their individuality from a small local mine.

QLD Boulder Cosmic Wave EDIT (3).png

Rainbow Sail Ring

This one and only Queensland boulder opal and silver ring was hand crafted in our Brisbane based studio.

When you look at the beautiful shape of this boulder opal, you will be instantly transported to scenes of sun-kissed beaches watching rainbow sails float by.

We individually select each opal and transform them into a ring you can keep forever.

All of out products are hand crafted from local, ethically sourced materials. Our opals are hand picked from a small local mine for their originality.

Queensland Opal Rainbow Sail EDIT (5).jpg

Too pretty to be locked in a draw forever! Look at them now!

The marvelous thing about gems, precious metal and even old jewellery items is that they can be restored and given a new lease on life.  Stones can be re-polished to shining glory, metal can be made in to new jewellery and worn out jewels can be restored like a custom car to a shiny fresh new look. 

Here we worked with a lovely client to take some Australian Sapphires fossicked by her family a long time ago but never used.  We polished and cut some of the stones and then worked them  into a unique custom ring for her and her family to enjoy. 

Restored to its former glory!

At Custom Jewellery Co we love to restore loved family rings back to their best condition so they will continue to be enjoyed by the family for years to come. This beautiful Sapphire and Diamond antique ring, a favourite of the nanna of one our clients had become worn and bent out of shape. This ring received a new shank and setting to secure the stone.  Chris then restored the beautiful leaf pattern decorating the stone. Now restored and securely set this ring is ready to be worn for many more years. Do you have a ring that could do with some love?  Contact us for a chat. 

Shop with us!

We want you to have a great shopping experience with us. Email with any questions about the jewellery we love to chat about them. We package up each piece securely and carefully so your gift arrives safely.

Unique Australian Jewellery Designed and Made here by us!

We live it! We Love it! We source our own gems, use our own designs andare mad for restoring loved jewellery back to its former glory.


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