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30th Birthday jewellery gifts!

Let’s be honest, shopping for someone’s 30th can be extremely difficult – shopping for ANY birthday can be difficult. They’ve most likely already got all the material things they need, they’ve experienced most adrenaline-based activities and there’s only so much soap someone can own. We’ve cracked the birthday code and have chosen our top 5 Birthday jewellery gifts for friends, family, partners and everyone else in between!

1.       Desert Sun River Bank Earrings

Gorgeous and rare Indonesian Fossilized Wood featured in this handmade silver earrings. When we saw these beautiful gems we knew their striking colour contrasts would make stunning earrings. Wear to the beach or the office, these will be your go to staple earrings.

2.       Desert Sun - Light Turquoise Ring

We’re big fans of the Desert Sun series (in case you didn’t tell) and we know your present receiver will be too! For only $280, this is the perfect present for the perfect friend. Light and bright, this natural turquoise and satin finish silver ring is the ring to transport your friend or family member into those summery vibes. Pretty and unique with a very smooth satiny finish to the silver ring.

3.       Moon Dust Blue

This gorgeous ring is only $199 and is apart of our Moon Dust Range so can be bought to start your friends collection. A thoughtful and one of a kind gift! Set in Silver to contrast the bright blue, this is a deep sparkly Queensland Boulder Opal and will keep you gazing for hours. Again the earthy tons of the boulder opal combine with the bright blues of the opal fire to give this opal an earthy appeal. 

4.       Desert Sun Morning Sparkle

Another one from our Desert Sun series! For $470, your family and friends will have a beautiful sparkling opal to accompany their attire.  Pinks, Blues, Purples and Greens combine to form a radiant, luminescent opal colour. With the addition of the chain to each side of the silver setting to balance the pendant means it will sit perfectly every time.

5.       Fringe Ring - Palm Fan

Another favourite of ours (does that make us bias?) is this stunning Queensland Boulder opal as part of our Fringe range. In this ring the warm 9ct Rose Gold delicately fans out around this spectacular multicolored, glittering Queensland Boulder Opal. The light, hand detailed fan, captures the light for a double wow when set against the bright opal. Stunning it creates a world of its own.

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