Alexandrite & Moonstone - June's Birthstones

Alexandrite & Moonstone - June's Birthstones

If your birthday is in June, you are in for a treat! The month of June has two different birthstones to choose from! These gemstones range in both colour and price, meaning everyone can find the perfect gemstone for them to wear in Australian fine jewellery.



Eva Alexandrite Ring 14K Rose Gold Vermeil Ring Engagement - Etsy Australia

This gemstone is truly something special. It has beautiful, bright blue and green colours in cool daylight or fluorescent light, however, once under warm light, this gemstone shifts to purple and red colours. The colours also shift as the stone is viewed from different angles.

Originally mined in Russia, this stone is now mined in Brazil, Sri Lanka and East Africa.


Alexandrite is a stunning stone to use in jewellery as its colour shifts and changes in the light!



How to Recognize a Real and a Fake Moonstone ? | Moonstone Store

Moonstone is another June Birthstone. This stone is known for its unique blue and white glow. As light hits the layers in this stone, an adularescence glow is cause.

These stones are found all over the globe, including US, Mexico, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, and more.


Moonstone is an alternative stone that makes wonderful, unique jewellery. It's glowing colours are so eye-catching!


If you would like to find out more about these stones or create your own custom June birthstone jewellery, get in contact with us here!

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