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The perfect engagement ring forges bonds, captures the heart and creates memories....

With more than 20 years of experience in the business, Custom Jewellery Co has made an extensive range of beautiful engagement rings for clients across Brisbane. Everyone is unique; when it comes to engagement rings we all have different dreams.

Unique rings are an item of jewellery that will be kept for many years to come, often becoming a family heirloom. They are timeless.

Please browse our engagement gallery and take a look at some of the stunning designs we have created to date. From glittering halos through to stunning solitaires, we’ve crafted a wide range of styles to suit varying tastes. If you are looking to purchase an engagement ring in Brisbane and have an idea in mind that you would like to discuss, please get in touch with us today via our chat or email



Custom Engagement Rings in Brisbane for a Unique Love Story

Are you looking to surprise your future partner with a well-thought-out ring design? Perhaps you have ideas for the style of engagement ring your betrothed chooses for you. We offer an extensive range of custom engagement rings from Brisbane where you can co-create a piece unique to your loved one.

Custom-Made Wedding Rings Brisbane

Besides a wide range of original designs in our ready to wear collection, our experience in beautiful engagement and wedding jewellery making means we can bring your ideas to life and create your timeless piece. Here are some of the rings that you will find in our collection of stones that you can use to tailor-make into a piece fit for royalty:

  • Aquamarine engagement ring. This blue-green crystal is reminiscent of the colour of the sea, as its name implies. Because of its clear and reflective quality, it’s an ideal piece for those who love soft colour.
  • Sapphire engagement ring from Brisbane. Sapphires come in a wide array of colours, such as blue, yellow, green, and pink. They are often compared to diamonds with their luxurious twinkle. Sapphires are also often paired with diamond accents for a touch of speciality.
  • Opal engagement ring. Opals display an intense spectrum of colours depending on the angle of the light. The Neon Nights Black Opal ring in our range features bright neon blues, and purples. It is set in rose gold and in a shape that complements its natural dimensions.
  • Garnet engagement ring. This vibrant, warm tone gem, mined and produced in Australia is ethically sourced. Its colour symbolises love and makes for an ideal ring to say “I do” to because of its durability and vibrant tones ranging from deep red, to pink or purple, to warm orange.

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We have created a considerable number of engagement, wedding, and special occasion rings, created for individual needs. So, come to our studio for attentive services, where our success depends on producing a ring that captures personality, dedication, and longevity.

We also offer remodelling services so we can use your gold or gems to create a new design just for you. Perhaps you have some heirloom pieces that you would love to get more wear out of, we can remodel preloved jewellery into something new that still holds all of its original sentimental value.


Alternative Engagement Rings:

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Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring  

Padparadscha Sapphire engagement ring