Topaz and Citrine - November's Birthstones

Topaz and Citrine - November's Birthstones

Did you know that November has two birthstones?

Yep, that's right! If you are born in November you have two birthstones to choose from. Both Topaz and Citrine gemstones radiate with warm glowing yellows and oranges, a truly beautiful and unique gemstone. Read more below about each stone!



Topaz gemstones are renowned for their stunning colors of vibrant orange and pink hues, each topaz gemstone possesses a distinct beauty. The word "topaz" is believed by some to have originated from the Sanskrit word "tapas," which means "fire". This description captures the allure and glow found within these stones.

Brazil has been the primary source of topaz gemstones for more than two centuries. The mining process involves extracting the gemstones from the earth and then cutting and polishing them to enhance their brilliance.

Topaz gemstones are a captivating addition to any jewelry collection. Whether you prefer the serene light blue or the fiery orange, topaz gemstones are sure to add a touch of elegance to any piece of jewelry.



Unlike topaz, this stone is a yellow and orange variant of quartz. The name "citrine" is said to derive from the french word for lemon, a fitting description of the yellow hues in this precious stone. Generally, these stones come in warm, earthy toned colours and are often mistaken for topaz.

Citrine is most commonly sourced from Bolivia, Madagascar and Uruguay. Citrine is also closely related to amethyst, in fact most of the citrine sold today results from the heat treatment of amethyst. This form of citrine is most commonly sourced from Brazil.

It is one of the most affordable yellow gemstones, making it ideal for use in jewellery.


To have your own November birthstone jewellery, get in contact with us today and we will work with you to create your dream designs.

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