10 Reasons Why Earrings Make the Perfect Gift

10 Reasons Why Earrings Make the Perfect Gift

1. Wide variety of styles

Earrings have a large versatility in their range of sizing, colours, designs, textures, patterns, etc. This means there are styles that are suitable for everyone. Our custom jewellery range features many different designs and stones.


2. You don't have to worry about sizing

Unlike rings and bracelets, earrings are a piece of jewellery that fits everyone. This makes them a perfect gift because you can guarantee they will fit the loved one you're buying for. You don't have to worry about them no fitting.


3. Easy to personalise

At Custom Jewellery Co, we not only sell our stock items on our website, but we also create personalised orders for people. We work with clients to produce their dream custom designed jewellery that they con love and cherish forever. We offer easy ways to personalise opal earrings, read this blog post for more!


4. A gift perfect for all occasions

Whether it's for a special birthday, an anniversary, or even just to say thank you, earrings are sure to be the perfect gift that makes your loved one feel special not only on their special day, but every day they wear them.


5. Suitable for everyday wear

Because of the wide variety in designs of earrings, they are perfect to wear for any occasion. They can be used to elevate casual looks and make any outfit look complete. We make all our jewellery with great care and attention to detail to ensure they're made well and of a high quality so our earrings and other Australian fine jewellery pieces can be worn confidently.


6. Suitable for people of all ages

Whether it's a gift for a partner, parent, grandparent or child, there is a special pair of earrings that is suitable for each of them.


7. Natural gemstones

One thing that make our earrings at Custom Jewellery Co different from other earrings, is the gemstones we use to make our earrings. Many of our designs feature Australian opal jewellery. We use Queensland Boulder Opals to create many unique designs using the natural one-of-a-kind stones. Other natural stones we use include sapphires and spinel.


8. Inspired by nature

Not only are our designs made from natural gems, but we also have many nature inspired designs. For our earrings, we feature a large Coastal Collection of ocean inspired earring designs. These designs include a variety of our shell and seed pod designs.


8. They have sentimental value

Earrings are a piece of jewellery that stays with people for a long time. It build sentimental value over time, especially if it was given as a gift. Earrings can carry special memories from a persons life and every time your loved one puts them on they will be reminded of all those moments.


10. A timeless gift

Finally, earrings are sure to always be the perfect gift for people. For all these reasons we've outlined and so many more, earrings are a gift that can be taken with someone throughout their life.

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