How to Choose the Perfect Ring

How to Choose the Perfect Ring

Rings are such a special piece of jewellery. They often hold so much sentimental value, be it an engagement or wedding ring, family heirloom, or a gift to mark a milestone, They truly are beautiful far beyond just the design of the physical ring. Whether it's for yourself or a loved one, a ring is always a staple piece of jewellery anyone will love.


There are so many types and styles of rings including diamond rings, opal rings, sapphire rings, aquamarine rings, and many other custom jewellery design. It can be daunting trying to find one that's just right for you or the person you're getting it for, that's why we've come up with a few things to help you narrow down your search to find the right ring just for you.


1. The Gemstone

The gemstone is perhaps the  most important element of the ring to choose. It is the focal point of the design. This may also be one of the most overwhelming things to choose. There are so many different types of gemstones, each ranging in a multitude of colours, sizes and prices. Some popular gemstones include opal, sapphire, aquamarine, spinel, diamond and more. To narrow down the search for your perfect gemstone it can be helpful to decide on a range of colours you prefer and also a price range.

Below images in order: Sapphire and diamond ring, spinel ring, opal ring, opal ring, aquamarine ring.

Stones like diamonds and sapphires create a more traditional looking rings, whereas stones like opals, which can have a multitude of colours and patterns within them, create a more alternative look.


One of the most beautiful things about using natural gemstones in your jewellery is that each stone is unique, meaning the ring it is featured in is truly one of a kind!


You can read more about different gemstones in the articles below:


2. Knowing the Styles

There are many styles of ring to choose from. Some feature one gemstone, others feature multiple. Below showcases a few of the most common different styles:

Solitaire rings have one stone:

3 Stone Rings or Trilogy rings have 3 stones - usually 1 main stone and two others complimenting it (usually diamonds):

Cluster rings feature a cluster of stones:


Along with these different types of rings, there are also different types of settings or ways the stones are held in place. Two of these include claw and bezel settings as seen below.

Below images in order: claw setting, bezel setting


3. Choosing the Metal

Once you know the stone you'd like to feature, another key element to choose is the metal the band is made of. Common options include silver and gold.

There are many variations of gold including yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Each gives the final ring a different look and finish. It is important to note that gold is more expensive than silver.

Below images in order: Silver, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold

Different metals can also be combine to further customise your look. For example, you could have a silver setting and a yellow gold band as seen below.

4. Finding Your Size

Finally, knowing the sizer of the ring you need ensures the ring will be the right fit. This may sound obvious, but it is crucial to finding the ring that is perfected just for you. If you don't know your ring size you can find out here.


Custom rings are made to your size and pre-made rings can be resized to whatever size you need - so if you find the ring of your dreams that isn't in your size, don't worry, just tell us what size you need it to be! (Please not there is an additional fee for resizing)


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