Our Sapphire Jewellery

Our Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphire's are beautiful gemstones. With such a variety of colours, there is certainly something for everybody. We've gathered some of our sapphire Australian fine jewellery here for you to look through and read more about some of our sapphire jewellery designs.


The solitaire design below is a sophisticated yet stylish design that creates a nice balance between the sapphire gemstone and our handmade ring bands. The simplicity of this design allows the sapphires we use to shine and twinkle brightly as the stars of these designs.


The Palette Ring design is an excellent way to showcase smaller sapphires. The palette ring below combines four natural Australian sapphires in beautiful green and yellow citrus tones. This parti sapphire ring design allows the sapphires lay so elegantly on the finger making this design the perfect statement piece for any occasion, whether it's dressing up for a night out or just adding a touch of glamour to your everyday look.


The sapphire and diamond combination is a match made in heaven. Just look at how beautiful these three stone rings below are. The small diamonds on either side of the sapphire make the colourful gems pop and adds so much twinkle and sparkle when it catches the light. This design makes a great alternative engagement ring design that is sure to make anyone who wears it feel special. We make sapphire engagement rings in Brisbane and can ship globally!


Sapphires also look stunning as features in cluster rings. In the ring below, the teal Australian Sapphire (the stone of the far left) is perfect in this cluster with spinel, opal and garnet. Mixing and matching combinations of stones gives jewellery contrast and variety of colours, materials and textures as different stone capture and reflect light in their own unique way.


Get lost in the dark and mesmerizing swirls in these Australian Raw Sapphires. Through the black looking stones, swirls of colours are seen beneath the surface. It's incredible how these colours burst from within the stones, making these rings all the more special.


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