Queensland Boulder Opals

Queensland Boulder Opals

Australian opals come in so many different shapes and colours, that's one of the reasons why we love working with them so much! Did you know that Australia is home to the Boulder Opal?

Most of the world's Boulder Opals are mined and produced in Queensland! This means we are able to locally and ethically source all the opals we use directly from local miners, ensuring the best quality gems.

These opals form withing ironstone boulders, hence the name "Boulder Opal". When the opal is formed, it is attached to the boulder or 'host rock' and the opal is often mined with the stone backing still attached to the stone. These opals vary in size from less than a few centimetres to more than 20cm! There are so many details that make the Australian Boulder Opal so unique!


You can read more about these incredible gemstones here.


Each opal is a one-of-a-kind gem and we love how we can share this uniqueness with you through our custom designed jewellery and we hope you love it too.


If you would like to browse through some of our handmade opal jewellery, click here.

We can also create custom Australian opal jewellery just for you if you would like a piece of jewellery just as unique as the gemstones used in the design. If you would like a custom piece of jewellery, contact us today!

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