Support an Ethical Jeweller

Support an Ethical Jeweller

We pride ourselves in ensuring our jewellery is made sustainably and ethically. This means that our custom designed jewellery not only features stunning styles and designs, but also has the reassurance that it is made with sustainable and ethical values.


We have a wide range of Australian fine jewellery including rings, pendants, earrings and whatever other custom jewellery you desire. All of our products are made in our coastal Queensland studio with a fine eye for detail. You can read more about our jeweller.

Ethical Jewellery

Our jewellery is made in our local coastal studio. Locally made means you know where your jewellery is coming from and can be reassured that it is made well. Ethical jewellery begins with the gems and we work with our suppliers and ethically source our gems. Many of the gemstones we work with, including opals and sapphires, are mined here in Australia.

Sustainable Jewellery

Beyond creating ethical custom jewellery, Custom Jewellery Co also incorporates sustainable practices that you can join in on! We recycle old gold and gems from jewellery and remodel it into new jewellery. This is ideal for those old jewellery pieces that you just don't get much wear out of anymore. By taking the existing components of the jewellery, we can work with you to turn it into new jewellery preventing jewellery from being wasted. This is also a great option from pieces of jewellery that have sentimental value, such as a family heirloom, that you just don't wear. We have recently done a remodeling you can read more about.

We also offer repair or cleaning services as well so we can clean and polish you beloved jewellery to give it a new life.


Our jewellery is also high quality which means that the pieces you buy from us will last you a life time. No more wasting resources or money on cheap jewellery that tarnishes easily and breaks.

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