5 Fashion Jewellery Trends for this Winter

5 Fashion Jewellery Trends for this Winter

As the seasons change and the winter wardrobe comes out, an often overlooks element is your fashion jewellery collection. Just as different clothing styles and colours cycle through each season, the jewellery you wear can enhance your looks for the ultimate winter style. We've unpacked some of the best summer jewellery trends, now it's time to look at 5 trends and tips for refining your winter jewellery collection so you always have the right pieces for the right occasion.

1. Go BIG!

The biggest trend in winter jewellery is to go bigger and chunkier! This trend is not only stylish, but also practical. When the temperatures drop and the layers pile on, it can be easy for your jewellery to get lost in the mix. But fear not, there's a simple solution to make sure your accessories still shine bright this winter: go big with your jewellery pieces!

With all the scarves, hats, and coats, smaller pieces can easily get hidden. By choosing pieces that have larger and chunkier styles you can ensure your jewellery stands out and makes a statement even under all those layers. Chunky rings, big and bold pendants and necklaces and long earrings are a great way to add dimension to your outfits.

If you try this trend you will instantly notice a difference in your outfits!

2. Statement stud earrings

On the flip side of the big jewellery trend, stud earring are also a fashionable and practical direction to accessories this winter. As you bundle up in your winter sweaters, hats and scarves, jewellery, especially long dangling earrings, can often get caught in all your layers - this is where stud earrings come in! Statement stud earrings are the perfect choice for the season, offering both style and practicality.

Just because you opt for a stud doesn't mean it has to be boring though... They can still make a bold statement by choosing designs with big, vibrant colours and unique styles. Whether you prefer sparkling gems, geometric shapes, or intricate designs, there's a stud earring style to suit every taste.

3. Bring a burst of colour

Adding a pop of colour to your winter outfits with accessories can brighten up those dreary winter days and bring a sense of fun to your outfits. Colourful jewellery can add a touch of vibrancy and personality to your winter outfits. Whether the jewellery piece features a rich blue opal, a stunning green sapphire, or a vibrant pink spinel, colourful gemstones can instantly elevate your look and make a statement.

For a fun exploration of this trend, try keeping the rest of your winter outfit relatively simple to allow your accessories to take center stage. For example, pair a colourful statement necklace with a neutral sweater to let the jewellery stand out.

Remember, just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you have to dress in dull and boring colours. Use your jewellery to bring a sense of colour and joy to your winter wardrobe.

4. Choose jewellery that compliments your clothes

Choosing the right jewellery to complement your winter wardrobe and everyday jewellery can truly elevate your outfit. One key factor to consider when selecting jewellery for your winter outfits is the style of clothing you're wearing. By coordinating your jewellery with your clothes, you can create a cohesive and stylish look that is sure to make you feel put together on a whole new level.

Let's explore some tips on how to select the perfect jewelry pieces that will enhance your winter look...

  • Wear long necklaces over tops with high necklines to add a touch of elegance and elongate your silhouette.

  • Show off your bracelets or bangles by wearing them over sleeves so they can peek out and add a pop of sparkle to your look.
  • Opt for large statement earrings if your hair is pulled back to draw attention to your face and add a glamorous touch.

  • Embrace bold patterns in your tops by pairing them with equally bold rings to make a statement and add a touch of personality to your outfit.

By paying attention to the details and choosing jewellery that complements your winter clothes, you can take your outfit to the next level.


Personalised jewellery is a trend that is taking the fashion world by storm this winter. By customising your pieces, you can create unique accessories that truly reflect your individual style and personality. Whether you prefer delicate charms or bold statement pieces, personalised jewellery allows you to express yourself in a way that is both fashionable and meaningful.

Getting custom made personalised jewellery is always a treat. Whether you choose to engrave a special date, a meaningful word, or your initials, personalised jewellery adds a personal touch to any outfit. This sense of individuality can boost your confidence and make you stand out from the crowd.

It can also bring a luxurious and elevated touch to any outfit. Whether you opt for a customised necklace, bracelet, or ring, choosing handmade jewellery ensures attention to detail and craftsmanship of personalised pieces can elevate even the simplest of looks. Investing in quality personalised jewellery is a timeless way to add sophistication to your style.
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