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Jupiter Rising Opal Ring

Jupiter Rising Opal Ring

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There are few things in the universe as awe-inspiring as Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. With its swirling orange clouds and massive size, it has captivated the imaginations of scientists and stargazers alike for centuries. And now, with the creation of a natural opal ring that looks like Jupiter rising against a deep space blue starry night sky, this magnificent planet can be worn on your finger for all to see in a handmade silver ring.

This opal ring is a stunning scene that captures the essence of Jupiter in all its glory. The centerpiece of the ring is a large, oval-shaped opal that has been cut and polished to resemble the swirling clouds of Jupiter. The colors of the opal shift and change depending on the light, just like the planet it represents.

When you wear this opal ring, you can't help but feel a sense of wonder and awe. The swirling colors of the opal and the sparkling diamonds make it seem like a small piece of the universe has been captured and placed on your finger. The orange tones of the opal perfectly mimic the swirling clouds of Jupiter

The opal is a gemstone known for its iridescent and luminous qualities. Its unique play of colors is caused by light refracting through the microscopic layers of silica spheres that make up the stone. When viewed from different angles, the opal can display a range of colors, from fiery oranges to cool blues. It is this chameleon-like quality that makes opals so fascinating and highly prized by gemstone enthusiasts.

We individually selected this opal from the miner and hand made this ring. We love this one of a kind ring and know you will too.

The dimensions of this opal are approximately 20mm x 10mm.

The ring size is Australian "_" and can be resized. If you need this ring resized for you, select the resize option below, $40.00 AUD will be added to your ring. Then click add to cart. On the next page there will be an option to add product notes. Please tell us your desired size here.

All of our products are from ethically sourced materials, and have been hand crafted in our Brisbane studio.

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