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Pink Desert Spring Opal and Rubellite Earrings

Custom Jewellery Co 65


These Pink Desert Spring Opal and Rubellite Earrings are crafted to a standard of luxury and refinement. Like winding ribbons of blue and purple springs in a desert, this elegant jewelry is adorned with pink rubellites and matrix opals with hues of purple and blue for a truly unique look. Encapsulating a beautiful desert landscape, these earrings evoke a sense of refinement and sophistication.

These one of a kind earrings have been handmade from recycled gold and silver. The 10.2ct Boulder Opal Matrix earrings feature 2.25ct pink oval Rubellites to contrast the blues and pinks bursting from within the stone.

The earring drop measures 50mm in length. The Boulder Matrix Opals are approximately 25mm long and the Rubellites are 10mm long.


All of our products are from ethically sourced materials, and have been hand crafted in our Brisbane studio.

We securely ship via registered post globally.


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