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Opal Window Earrings

Opal Window Earrings

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Time for something very unique! We came across this pair of unique Queensland Boulder Opal window stones and just knew they would make perfect earrings. The warm earthy  Iron Stone frames a glimmer of super bright opal gem.  Pinks, Blues and Greens all flash as you wear these earrings.  The rich polished iron stone links the opal back to its origins in the natural earth.  These stones are completely natural, they have only been polished. The window can be seen from both sides so the light shines right through the opal.

We set the gems in 9ct gold with a delicate spectacle frame to really show off these unique pieces.

These earrings are one of a kind, are you looking for something special?

We can securely ship these special earrings anywhere in the world, make these yours today.

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