Coastal Style Fashion

Coastal Style Fashion

Australian opal jewellery is more than just a fashion statement. It's a way of expressing your connection to the sea, the sky, and the earth. Opals are known for their mesmerising play of colours, which can evoke the beauty and mystery of the ocean. Whether you prefer the deep blue hues of a black opal, the shimmering iridescence of a white opal, or the vibrant rainbow of a boulder opal, there's an opal for every mood and occasion.
In this article, we'll show you how to style opal jewellery with some of the latest trends from the runway and the street. Whether you're looking for a casual coastal vibe, a sophisticated nautical chic, or a glamorous mermaid-inspired look, opal jewellery can help you achieve it.
For a casual coastal vibe, opt for opal jewellery that features natural elements such as shells, pearls, coral, or wood. These materials complement the organic shapes and colours of opals, creating a harmonious and relaxed look. You can pair opal earrings or pendants with a breezy linen dress, a straw hat, and sandals for a perfect summer outfit. Or you can layer opal bracelets or rings with denim shorts, a white shirt, and sneakers for a laid-back weekend look.
For a sophisticated nautical chic, choose opal jewellery that has a sleek and modern design. Think geometric shapes, minimal settings, and silver or gold tones. These elements contrast with the opals' fluid and colourful appearance, creating a striking and elegant look. You can wear opal studs or necklaces with a navy blazer, a striped shirt, and trousers for a smart office look. Or you can wear opal hoops or cuffs with a red dress, a trench coat, and heels for a night out.
For a glamorous mermaid-inspired look, go for opal jewellery that sparkles and shines. Look for opals that have a high degree of fire, which is the term for the flashes of colour that appear when light hits the stone. You can also look for opals that have been treated or enhanced to create dazzling effects such as holographic or metallic finishes. You can wear opal drop earrings or chokers with a sequin dress, a faux fur coat, and boots for a show-stopping party look. Or you can wear opal brooches or tiaras with a silk gown, a feather boa, and gloves for a vintage Hollywood look.
Opal jewellery is versatile and expressive, allowing you to channel your inner sea goddess in any situation. Whether you want to feel calm and serene, confident and classy, or bold and adventurous, there's an opal for you. So go ahead and dive into the world of opal jewellery and discover how it can transform your style.

Coastal Opal Jewellery

Opal jewellery evokes a coastal style with its dazzling array of blue hues. Looking into an opal can be like looking into the deep ocean or a shallow rock pool teeming with life. Whether you prefer a classic solitaire ring, a delicate pendant necklace, or a pair of elegant earrings, opal jewellery can help you keep your favourite memories of a sea holiday with you wherever you go.


Opal is one of the most unique and captivating gemstones in the world. It is formed when water seeps into cracks in the earth and deposits silica over thousands of years. The silica forms microscopic spheres that diffract light and create the opal's characteristic play of colour. Opals come in many varieties, such as black opal, white opal, crystal opal, boulder opal, and fire opal, each with its own charm and beauty.


Australia is the leading producer of opals, accounting for over 90% of the world's supply. Australian opals are renowned for their quality and diversity, ranging from the rare and valuable black opals of Lightning Ridge to the vibrant and colourful boulder opals of Queensland. Australian opal jewellery is a great way to celebrate the country's rich natural heritage and culture.


At Custom Jewellery Co we are passionate about creating truly beautiful opal jewellery that celebrate the allure of this Queensland wonder.  All our Australian fine jewellery is made in our coastal Queensland studio. Our collections always start with an artistic concept before being distilled into more wearable jewellery.


Opal jewellery is a perfect gift for yourself or someone special. It is a symbol of hope, creativity, and happiness. It can also enhance your mood, intuition, and imagination. With its stunning colours and patterns, opal jewellery can complement any outfit and occasion. It can bring a touch of the sea to your everyday life.

Whether the gem is in an opal pendant, opal ring, opal earrings or any other custom designed jewellery, there truly is something for everyone.


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