10 Jewellery Trends for This Summer

10 Jewellery Trends for This Summer

Summer has officially begun, but what trends are we expecting to see more of? Though there are some timeless pieces that will never go out of style (read more here!), there are some jewelley styles that are picking up traction and expected to take off. Get ahead of the crowd and see some of these trends below. By the looks of things, it's going to be a summer filled with colour and fun!


#1 Unusual Shapes

Though traditional jewellery that is very symmetrical and uniform in its shapes is always a timeless classic, trends show that jewellery with more organic shapes are becoming more popular. This trend is embracing the natural flow and shape of jewellery and the gemstones featured in them. Statement jewellery pieces are taking on more interesting forms as new and organic shapes are being explored. This allows the natural shapes of gemstones to really shine in each of their own unique glory. This trend of uniquely shaped gemstones also continues into the craftsmanship of the jewellery in the finer details and unique shapes added to the bands of rings.


#2 Geometric Shapes

In line with the embracing the unusual and organic shapes of jewellery, geometric shapes particularly are taking the lead in summer jewellery catalogues. Anything with angles in it's design are popping up everywhere! Triangles, squares, hexagons, and more! This summer is all about boldness jumping back to basics with a bit of flare. The boldness and uniqueness of natural gemstones is capture so perfectly in this trend. The essence of other summer trends is also paired so beautifully with these two trends.


#3 Chunky Rings

Similarly, larger rings that have a more chunky finish are trending coming up more and more. Chunky jewellery has always been around and loved, but this summer is the time to fully embrace this trend! The bigger the better - get some rings that make a real statement! These rings allow each person to showcase their own flair in one big, bold statement piece. Have fun with this trend, find a big ring that makes you happy and wear it all summer long!


#4 Stackable Rings

On a smaller scale, stackable rings are another ring trend for this summer. This is one of those timeless trends. A simple, stackable ring can be used in many ways for any occasion. Having a combination of small, simple rings to mix and match with you bigger, bolder rings (like a chunky ring from trend #3!) will provide you with the perfect variety to find the best combo for any look. If you don't yet have a simple ring you can stack, get one today! A ring like the one below is perfect to layer around and stack with a ring.


#5 Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces is another timeless jewellery trick. This summer we're seeing this come back! Adding dimension and a touch of something special, this is a great opportunity to wear some special pieces. Top tips for layering necklaces are to have different lengths and thicknesses of chains to create variety and enhance the style. Using pendants to create interest and a fun look with pops of colour and texture are also a must try with this trend.


#6 Big Pendants

Don't feel limited to just layered necklaces though, you can go all out with a bold pendant. The chunky and unique shapes trend isn't just limited to rings; pendants have jumped on this train too and we are loving it! Once again, the bigger the better when it comes to pendants this summer! A big statement pendant with a feature stone is a fantastic way to add bling, colour and style with the addition of only one piece of jewellery. Finding a pendant that has extra fringe details also adds to the lure and extravagance of this trend, if you want to go all out.


#7 Maximalism

It is no surprise that maximalism is another trend this summer. All the trends thus far have had underlying maximalist themes. Going all out, being bold and wearing as much jewellery as you can is a consistent theme within summer trends this year. Basically have an aesthetic of excess. Say goodbye to "less is more" and say hello to "more is more"! Now if the time to wear all those pieces that bring you joy - be bold in how you mix and match.


#8 Mixed Metal

Speaking of going all out, why choose between gold and silver when you can have both? Jewellery trends are showing that the mixed metal look is in! Whether it's a gold bracelet and silver necklace or a gold ring and silver pendant, now is the time to wear what you want to wear and mix and match to your heart's content. Fully embrace this trend by even getting a gold and silver ring. Some ring designs feature a silver setting with a gold band or vice versa - it is an excellent way to not only make the most of this trend but also frame the gemstones in your rings in a fun way.


#9 Colourful Gemstones

Don't feel limited by just gold and silver though, because colourful gemstones are all the rage. Bright greens, blues, purples, reds, yellows and every colour under the sun are being seen in jewellery trends. Take this opportunity to incorporate more of your favourite colour into your summer jewellery wardrobe. Natural gemstones bring beautiful arrays of colour. Some are full of vibrant, bold hues, others have more dull tones, but there is something for everyone and it's all the more special knowing the stone in your jewellery is a fragment of the beauties of nature.


#10 Holiday Style/Ocean Inspired

A specific style of jewellery making a comeback again this summer is the classic summer holiday style jewellery. These are those jewellery pieces that just scream summer beach days. Whether it's ocean colours, shell designs or coastal styles, the time has come to put them in your jewellery rotation more often! Whether you're heading to the beach for a holiday, to the office for work or you're hanging around home, have a bit of fun embracing holiday vibes no matter where you are.


Through all these trends there is a theme to express yourself and go all out! What a fun way to incorporate a bit of who you are into what you wear.

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