Essential Every Day Jewellery Styles

Essential Every Day Jewellery Styles

With so many different types and styles of Australian fine jewellery it can be overwhelming to know what to get. Just like there are those staple wardrobe items like a white shirt and a good pair of jeans, there are also jewellery pieces that can be the foundations of a versatile, yet suited for everyday, jewellery collection. In this article we will outline some jewellery staples you should have as well as show you some of our Brisbane custom jewellery examples.


If you have your ears pierced, earrings are probably a piece of jewellery you wear most. There is such variety in size, style and colours of earrings. Every jewellery collection should have a staple pair of stud earrings, like the Turquoise and Silver Stud Earrings below.

Building on this, simple gold or silver earrings are also a must. Our Coastal Collection features many of these shell designed earrings that are perfect for everyday - not too fancy but still something nice to tie an outfit together.

If you are someone who prefers more adventurous styles and want something a bit more bold, try some opal drop earrings which have a simple shape making it suitable for everyday wear with a fun burst of colour from the opal. This is seen in the Boulder Opal Earrings with a Silver Twist and Queensland Boulder Opal 9ct Yellow Gold Drop Earrings below. The basic gold and silver shells can also be elevated with a custom opal and shell design, like the Rockpool Opal and Yellow Gold Shell Earrings.


Having a good selection of staple ring designs can instantly make any outfit more complete and stylised. Rings can be as extravagant or simple as you desire.

Every everyday jewellery collection needs an elegant ring with a simple, small design. This often looks like a ring with one small gemstone like the Pink Spinel and White Gold Solitaire Ring, Deep Swirl Sapphire Ring, or Rainbow Blaze Boulder Opal Ring.

Similarly to earrings, if you prefer bolder jewellery, opt for a ring with a larger gemstone in that simple style. Opal rings are perfect for this. Examples include our Galactic Splash Opal Ring, Iceberg Opal Ring, or Rich Blue Opal Ring in Silver. The large and colourful opals enhance the simple design.


Having the right selection of pendants is essential in being able to effortlessly tie an outfit together. A key styling tip for pendants is to match them with your earrings or rings. This makes the whole outfit appear more cohesive and stylish. 

You can never go wrong with a simple gold or silver pendant, it complements any outfit and a simple pendant design can elevate classic everyday looks. You can pair gold or silver shell earrings with our shell pendants for an effortless designer coastal look.

Again, to go beyond the basic gold and silver, explore opal pendant designs for a pop of sparkle and colour. The Green Flash Opal and Diamond Pendant is the perfect example of an elevated, simple design that'll add a touch more bling to your every day jewellery collection.

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