Alternative Engagement Rings

Alternative Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, many couples are opting for alternative styles that break away from traditional norms. Alternative engagement rings offer a unique and personalised touch that reflects the individuality of the wearer. Let's delve into what makes these rings stand out and explore some popular styles and gemstones while showcasing some luxurious alternative engagement ring designs.

What makes them alternative?

Alternative engagement rings deviate from the classic diamond solitaire ring and embrace unconventional designs, materials, and gemstones. These rings often feature intricate details, non-traditional shapes, and a variety of colourful stones. They cater to those seeking a ring that is distinctive and out of the ordinary.

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Alternative engagement ring designs

Alternative designs break away from traditional styles. They embrace unique designs, unconventional settings and endless possibilities for creating a one-of-a-kind ring that reflects your personal style. Alternative engagement rings offer a variety of gemstone cuts beyond the classic round brilliant. Popular choices include princess, emerald, pear, and marquise cuts. Each cut brings its own unique sparkle and character to the ring, allowing you to choose a style that suits your individual taste.

The way these gemstones are set also can create a unique style. Whilst the classic solitaire look is a timeless option, there are many other styles out there including having your gems set in a line, cluster ring designs, three stone setting, etc. There are so many options so talking to a jeweller is the best way to find out what is possible and bring your designs to life.

Alternative engagement ring gemstones

Alternative engagement rings often feature a wide range of gemstones beyond the traditional diamond. Some popular choices include sapphires, emeralds, rubies, morganite, opals, and coloured diamonds. Sapphires, in particular, are a popular alternative to diamonds due to their durability and wide range of vibrant hues. Emeralds exude a rich green colour, while rubies offer a bold and romantic red tone. Morganite is a soft pink gemstone that adds a touch of femininity, while opals showcase a mesmerising play of colours and patterns captured in the gem. Coloured diamonds provide a unique and subtly eye-catching alternative to traditional white diamonds.

The beauty of alternative engagement rings is that any gemstone that catches you eye can be the feature of the ring. To add an extra element of personalisation and specialty, consider using your birthstone in an engagement ring. If you don't know your birthstones you can find out more here.

Make your engagement all the more special by opting for an alternative engagement ring that perfectly captures your uniqueness.

You can shop alternative engagement rings here or get in contact with a professional jeweller to custom make your alternative engagement ring.

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