What to get mum for a special Mother's Day

What to get mum for a special Mother's Day

Mothers day is a fantastic time to reflect on all the wonderful things Mum has done for you over the years and what better way to honour the love she’s given you than with a gift from the heart that she can treasure for the rest of her life.

Jewellery is a beautiful way to let mum know you love her. Not only is jewellery a great gift that can be worn and cherished every day but jewellery also holds so much sentimental value which makes it an invaluable gift. Buying quality jewellery is essential to ensure it withstands the test of time. Choosing to by jewellery from a reputable jeweller means you can guarantee quality in both the materials and design.

But how do you now what jewellery to choose for Mum? There are so many styles and types out there, it can be hard to narrow it down... That's why we've created this ultimate Mother's Day jewellery shopping guide for you.


Different types of jewellery...

Before we get too far, it is important to know the 3 main types of jewellery to choose from: Earrings, Pendants and Rings.

Earrings are a brilliant gift that captures the beauty of giving jewellery as a gift without the added pressure of needing to know sizing. There are many reasons why earrings are a great gift option. Similarly, pendants also make for showstopping gifts that are perfect for everyone! Choosing a designer pendant to cascade from a quality chain is a beautiful accessory that will be special to anyone who receives it.

Finally, choosing rings as a gift is truly special. They capture so much beauty and sentimental value that the receiver can see every time they look at their hands. Rings as a gift are often reserved for special occasions such as milestones, engagements, weddings, birthdays, etc. however, knowing how to choose the right ring allows you to choose a design that is the perfect blend of every day jewellery and glam that means Mum can wear it all the time!


Gift Inspiration

Shop by Mum's favourite gemstone

If Mum has a favorite gemstone, why not surprise her with a piece of jewellery featuring that stone?Here at Custom Jewellery Co, we have a wide range of handmade jewellery that feautures an array of different gemstones.

Opals are known for their iridescent colors, sapphires for their deep and glistening hues, spinel for their brilliance, and turquoise for their vibrant blues and greens. Choose a pair of earrings, pendant or ring that showcases her favorite gemstone for a thoughtful and personalised gift.

Shop by Mum's interest and style

Consider Mum's interests and style when selecting a piece of jewellery for her. If she loves nature, opt for a piece of nature-inspired earrings, pendants, or rings featuring beautiful hues and shapes of nature in their colouring and patterns. For a Mum who enjoys the coast, coastal jewellery that features seashells, vibrant colours of the ocean or patterns that capture the movement of waves may be the perfect choice. If Mum likes to make a bold statement with her accessories, choose a piece of jewellery with larger stones or intricate designs. For a Mum who prefers a more subtle look, dainty jewellery with delicate chains and small charms may be more her style.

Choosing jewellery that reflects Mum's style or interests shows her how much you care for her with a thoughtful and personalised gift this Mother's Day.

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